At Maine Fiber Tools, we produce fine quality spindles and yarn bowls to serve the needs of fiber artists.

Our process begins with selectively harvesting timber, either from storm damage or from our own woodlots. Located on coastal Maine, we are within driving distance of the Northern Appalachian Mountains and benefit from a wide variety of premium hardwoods close at hand. We also work directly with local arborists who deliver unique logs to us, as they become available.

Brian processes the delivered logs into boards and slabs that are best suited for our products. Then, our timber is cured using a low-energy kiln drying system that we have developed. The resulting material has all of the stability of typical kiln-dried lumber, but with the rich color and resilience that is normally associated with air-drying. Our lumber can go from stump to finish in about 3 months. This time frame allows for normal handling and grading processes, leaving us with a consistent supply of cured timber that is among the finest available anywhere.

Processing this much timber does create a fair amount of trims and off-cuts. Since we heat partially with wood during cold weather, this is all utilized directly as fuel. The chips are mulched down for local gardens – so virtually nothing is wasted.

Our fiber tools and bowls are created one at a time in our workshop, and reflect our commitment to combining Old World craftsmanship with modern tooling.

As you browse through our shop, please remember that each piece is handmade and one of a kind. Exact duplicates or copies are not available, or possible. We will however, make a similar piece if you desire.

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